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Register a Foreign LLC in Arizona

A foreign limited liability company (LLC) that wants to transact business in Arizona must first apply for a certificate of registration.  A foreign LLC is any LLC that was not created or formed under the laws of the State of Arizona is considered a foreign LLC.

What is transacting business?

Arizona Revised Statute § 29-3905 (as of October 2020) defines what activities do not constitute the transaction of business in the state.  A link to the Arizona Legislature's website can be found here.  If you need legal advice regarding if your activities please call our office.

Can I get in trouble for not registering as a foreign LLC?

There can be significant impacts to a business for not registering as a foreign LLC.  The law, as of October 2020, does not allow a foreign LLC to do business in the state without registering first.  Such failure to register may impair the validity of a contract or act of the foreign LLC.  Additionally, no act or proceeding in the state an be maintained in Arizona unless foreign LLC is registered to do business in the state.

Can I use my current LLC name in Arizona?

That depends.  An foreign LLC name and registration must comply with the statutory requirements.  As of October 2020, A.R.S. § 29-3112 sets forth the requirements for LLCs and PLLCs are under A.R.S. § 29-4106.  A link to the Arizona Legislature's website can be found here.

Do I need a statutory agent if I register my foreign LLC?

Yes, a Statutory Agent (or maybe called a registered agent in your jurisdiction) is required for a foreign LLC.  With our foreign LLC registration service we offer complimentary Statutory Agent services for the first year.

Can Thunderbird Law, PLLC register my Foreign LLC?

We offer foreign LLC registration in Arizona.  There are a number of steps we handle for foreign LLC registrations.  First, we must check the naming requirements to ensure that your name is available in Arizona and meets the statutory requirements.  In the event it doesn't we will work with you to find a resolution.  Secondly, we will handle all preparation and filing of the foreign LLC.  Lastly, we will provide you with the documentation showing that your LLC is now registered in Arizona.  Click below to get started.

Any reference to law or statute on this page was referencing the law as of October 2020.  The law may have changed since this posting.

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