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Amend Articles of Organization

Need to ​change a member or manager of an LLC?  Need to change the name of the LLC?  This may require an amendment to your LLC Articles of Organization.  LLCs are required by law to amend their article of organization if there is a statement in the articles that was false or erroneous when it was made or within 30 days of any of the following events:

  • Any facts or articles have changed with what is on file in the articles of organization

  • In a member-managed LLC, there is a change in the person who are members; or

  • In a manager-managed LLC, there is a change in the person(s) who are managers, or in members who own 20% or more of the profits or capital of the LLC.

What if I fail to file an Amendment?

Failure to file an requirement amendment may result in your LLC being administratively dissolved!

Can Thunderbird Law, PLLC handle the Articles of Amendment for my LLC?

We offer preparing and filing amendments to Articles of Organization to Arizona LLC's.  We offer flat fee pricing to handle such a request for $395.  This flat fee includes an expedited filing fee charged with Corporation Commission.  Click below to get started.

Any reference to law or statute on this page was referencing the law as of October 2020.  The law may have changed since this posting.

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