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Fast & Easy LLC Set Up by a Licensed Arizona Attorney
Hi, I am Arizona Attorney Matthew McCabe and I offer an LLC formation package to get you in business quickly!  Revised Arizona Limited Liability Company Laws went into effect on September 1, 2020 for all Arizona LLC's.  Have the piece of mind that your new LLC conforms to the new laws and is setup by a licensed Arizona attorney.  Additionally, the LLC can be formed with online and over the phone correspondence so you do not even have to come to our office.
Business Meeting

For only $995 we include all these amazing benefits in our LLC Formation Package:

Verify Company Name Availability

Custom Operating Agreement

EIN setup with the IRS

Calls with Attorney Matthew McCabe

Law Firm as Statutory Agent for first year

Initial Meeting Minutes

State Processing Fee

Digital Signing Service for documents

Plus more

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Matthew uniquely understands the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, landlords, and real estate professionals. 


Matthew believes that legal services should be affordable, easy, and available to everyone.  Thus, he has designed an affordable way to get an LLC created with his LLC Formation Package 

Customer Rating:

5.0 Overall Satisfaction Rating on Google

Why Thunderbird Law?

Document preparation companies (i.e. Legalzoom) are not licensed attorneys.   These companies entice you with a cheap formation services but don't be fooled.   This fee often does NOT include the items you may need like the state processing fee (expedited fee is $85), a statutory agent fee (legalzoom charges $249), an operating agreement, your questions answered by an attorney, an EIN number so you can file taxes or open a bank account, and the list goes on and on.  We offer a flat fee price which clearly states everything we do.  This means no surprises and transparency.   Plus, we are here to help you each step along the way and every service includes time to discuss your LLC with Attorney Matthew McCabe.

What other LLC services do you offer besides LLC Formation?

Do you own an Existing Arizona LLC?

New Arizona LLC Law Change Warning!  Effective September 1, 2020 all Arizona LLC"s and PLLC's that were created prior to September of 2019 are subject to the new Arizona LLC law.  Substantial changes were made to the Arizona LLC law.  Learn why an operating agreement is even more important now.  It creates a number of provisions that will automatically apply to all LLC's unless they have a complied with an exception to the rules.  Such exceptions to the default rules can be accomplished with a compliant Operating Agreement.  We offer updated Operating Agreements for your LLC or PLLC for as little as $499.  Hire Thunderbird Law to prepare a new Operating Agreement compliant with the new Arizona LLC law by clicking here.  

We also offer a number of other LLC Services and all can be Purchased Online. Click here to see a breakdown of our LLC Services.

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